• K1 In Tokyo Documentary

    By joining my mailing list I will send you this Documentary. This Documentary is the story of a K1 boxer from Canada Jan Kaszuba and his Team/Gym AE Factory and Bungalow Bay. Meet his sensei Nicholas Pettus, THE BLUE EYED SAMURAI K1 champ, as he explains his life in Japan and his sensei, the great …


  • Teaching English

    Lets take a digital journey with filmmaker Stewy Johnson as he shows you step by step on how to get a job Teaching English in a foreign country and getting a Visa.

  • Tokyo Life

    Stewy Johnson a struggling filmmaker puts himself into debt to buy the proper equipment and a ticket to Japan he ventures forth first staying with his friend Jason Hanson, an English teacher living in a tent down by the river. Lets take a digital Journey with Stewy as he meets Interesting foreigners living the Tokyo …